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Mar 4, 2014 1:42am PST
be fbi agents investigating a meth lab. later they pulled a gun and zip tied the employees. one guard them in the back room while others scooped up the goods and got away. >>> interior department calculated the cost of last year's government shutdown of national parks. that 16-day congressional standoff came to $414 million in lost visitor spending at the parks and surrounding communities. the national parks are economic engines. in 2012 generating $27 billion. supporting 243,000 jobs. >>> roads around the nation's capital are still treacherous this morning after a powerful storm kovrtd area with snow and ice. many schools will be delayed or closed for a second day. federal agencies shut down yesterday are opening two hours late this morning. and d.c. is bracing for another blast of bitter cold air with temperatures dipping into single digits. and that same storm turned into a traffic nightmare for drivers across texas. thousands of them stuck on slick highways. the biggest backup formed south of dallas, a line of cars and trucks stretching 30 miles. some families with kids in tow wer
Mar 3, 2014 2:37am EST
solve crimes. >> uh-oh. omg. hannibal with his hand on the fbi? >> might be more in these episodes. and my hands get more dusty. in the middle of the fbi, it is like in a candy store. >> some of the cast are still dealing with the show's creep factor. >> i know how they're made. i know they're not real. but there is a reaction every time. >> sink your teeth into "hannibal" on nbc. >>> on abc, the neighbors are going bolly wood. >> you know why you want to become an actor, played characters and to do fun things and interesting things that you normally wouldn't do in your everyday life. >> but why bolly wood? >> i think they are attracted to glitter, glamor, zeush. so that's why they go big. >> we have a very good indian community. so, yeah. so, yeah. >> iaai little twist on it. >> and a can't do a bolly wood episode without dancing, right? >> do a little sexy hip-like dance. i really get my bolly wood on. >> i do bust a move. >> and so do the kids. >> dance along with the neighbors on abc. >>> sing along with "american idol" finist. the 2014's top 13. >> it is nerve-racking for us. we we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2